The next generation Magnus AIP Vet-MRI veterinary MRI system was designed exclusively for animals.  The system utilizes our novel magnet design providing superior field homogeneity, large 16" field of view and excellent patient access. Our user friendly veterinary specific software includes optimized protocols for each anatomical site and allows maximum flexibility in customizing clinical protocols and post imaging processing.  The wide range 2D and 3D sequences and imaging techniques, including over-sampling, fast imaging, fat and water suppression, diffusion-weighted imaging and high resolution imaging guarantee superior image quality.  The Magnus AIP Vet-MRI is 100% digital, network ready and DICOM 3.0 compatible for remote reading and easy image archiving. 
Rapid Scan Times

Designed for Companion Animals

MRI Guided Microwave Ablation

Excellent Patient Access

Large 16" Field of View

Exceptional Spinal Cord Imaging

Superior Imaging Quality

No Special Power Requirements

No Cryogens

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Magnus AIP Vet-MRI
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for animals
W  I  D  E   Open   Patient   Access
  • Designed Exclusively for Companion Animals

  • Affordable & Flexible Acquistion Options

  • National Service Team with Remote Support Capabilities

  • Does Not Use Cryogens (No Helium)

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • No Special Power Requirements

  • Large Field of View 

  • Complete Access to Patient at All Times

  • Veterinary Specific Phased Array Multi-Channel Coils

  • Rapid Scan Times - Emergency Scan in Minutes

  • MRI Guided Microwave Ablation (MWA)

  • Safe Scanning Environment

  • User Friendly - Easy to Learn and Easy to Use

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What is MWA? MWA is a minimally-invasive treatment for tumors. MWA uses ultrasound, CT or, in our case, MRI imaging to guide the placement of a specialized antenna into the tumor in order to ablate it. 

The next generation Magnus AIP Vet-MRI veterinary MRI system is the FIRST and ONLY veterinary MRI system that offers MRI guided microwave ablation (MWA). MWA is completely integrated with the Magnus MRI system. A specialized antenna is introduced into the tumor and the ablation takes place all under real time MRI guidance thus providing for unprecedented accuracy.  A heat sensor is integrated into the tip of the antenna allowing for precise intratumoral temperature readings during the procedure.   
MRI Guided Microwave Ablation (MWA)
Magnus: Diagnostic Tool AND Advanced Treatment System