AIP Vet Ultrasound
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The Clover AIP Vet Ultrasound system offers you a best in class imaging experience through the use of industry leading technology. The lightweight, ease of use and durability make it an indeal choice for the veterinary professional.
Key Features
Ultrasound Platform
Our Clover AIP Vet Ultrasound platform provides cutting-edge 64-beam imaging. Due to the high-speed hardware platform,  our system can handle up to 5,000 frames/sec which translates to approximately 1GB/sec of data.The power of our platform dramatically increases diagnostic accuracy. 
World's Lightest HCU with two probe connectors
  • 15 inch LED monitor

  • Durable magnesium alloy shell

  • Dual probe ports

  • 4.9Kg main unit weight w/ battery

  • Adjustable height

  • Large basket
Leader in Veterinary Imaging
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