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Our brand new, next generation Magnus veterinary MRI system DOES NOT USE HELIUM. If you are considering an MRI system for your practice then contact us today to find out even more reasons why our state of the art system is such a smart choice. 

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The Next Generation Magnus Veterinary MRI... now available!

It's Good for you and GREAT for our animals
Global Helium Shortage... 
No worries for AIP MRI Partners
You could OWN A BRAND NEW MRI for significantly less than the cost of purchasing a used MRI. 

EXCELLENT image quality


4-CHANNEL coils



NO NEED for 3 phase power

NO cryogens (NO HELIUM!)

Fits in 294 sq. ft. 
July 2019 - The installation of the very first Next Generation Magnus AIP Vet MRI is complete. 
Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to advance and expand veterinary medical care through the development of affordable veterinary imaging solutions, the creation of innovative veterinary imaging products and the delivery of excellent veterinary imaging service. 
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"We had to find a way to provide excellent care for our patients. I believe that the Magnus veterinary specific MRI is the best way to do this.  In fact, the Magnus MRI provides similar image quality to high field MRI with much less cost to the practice and the environment.  I couldn't be happier with this new MRI.  The fact that this new unit will be able to perform MRI Guided Microwave Ablation means the Magnus was just elevated to the next level as a diagnostic tool and advanced treatment system."                              Roger M. Clemmons, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Neurology)

The Magnus is the FIRST VETERINARY MRI IN THE WORLD to offer MRI Guided Microwave Ablation. 
The Magnus is the 
to offer MRI Guided Microwave Ablation
Here is how it works: An MRI is performed to find the exact location of the tumor. The doctor then guides a needle to the tumor while watching the real time MRI images on the monitor. The MRI ensures that the needle is perfectly placed in the tumor. By applying up to 300 GHz of microwave power the tumor is ablated. While the tumor is being ablated, the intratumoral temperature is constantly monitored to prevent damage to the surrounding tissue.  

We will be able to ablate tumors without the risks and cost of surgery or radiation therapy. Radiation therapy involves the use of extremely dangerous x-ray energy, a costly linear accelerator and a thick room of concrete and lead to contain the radiation.

Microwave ablation is safer and considerably less expensive than a linear accelerator and does not require extraordinary shielding measures.